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    In "Internet + era, traditional industries will and the Internet combined to promote the development of social economy, give full play to the Internet in the allocation of social resources optimization and integration function, the integration of Internet innovation depth in the economic and social fields and social innovation and enhance productivity.

    The traditional financial industry is also in this era. On the one hand, large enterprises based on Internet of things technology based accounting and financial management module of propulsion, selective outsourcing, the establishment of the Financial Shared Service Center, makes the enterprise information flow, logistics, capital flow together and competitive edge to achieve the maximization, another side, the whole society response time call public Entrepreneurship, innovation and peoples', a large number of emerging small and micro enterprises gushing. They lack the knowledge and talent of the office and finance, and bring a lot of demand for the financial and comprehensive office outsourcing market.

    The Honghua has many years of experience in accounting services, and has a large number of successful cases in large enterprises and small and micro enterprises market. Under the new era, Honghua accounting services will be tailored to the attitude of professional accounting skills for social innovation escort.

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