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Shanghai Honghua Certified Public Accountant Co., Ltd. (formerly Shanghai Honghua Certified Public Accountant firm, hereinafter referred to as Honghua), was established in 1987 by the Finance Bureau of Shanghai Hongkou District and is one of the earliest 25 CPA firms.  After approved by the Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, the Honghua was reformed to limited company and invested by the CPA.

The Honghua was one of the first verification companies for foreign investment approved by Shanghai Operating Committee of Foreign Investment in June 1991, and it was awarded the audit qualification for large and medium-sized enterprises by Shanghai Institute of Certified Public Accountants at the same time. In July 2000, approved by Shanghai Justice Bureau, the Honghua became one of the first justice account verification companies.

In 2008 August, The Honghua was approved by the Shanghai Municipal Science and Technology Commission, Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau, Shanghai Municipal State Taxation Bureau, Local Taxation Bureau of Shanghai Municipality, to be included in the "Shanghai high tech enterprise that special audit of Certified Public Accountants list (first batch)";

In 2012 November, the HongHua was classified as “A” CPA firm by the Shanghai Institute of Certified public accountants; And in the same year the Honghua was approved to work in Pudong national demonstration bases of accounting by the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of finance;

The HongHua’s trademark registration certificate issued by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce in 2014; The Honghua was listed as Shanghai professional services (Accounting Service) key enterprises in 2014 by the Shanghai Municipal Finance Bureau and the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Commerce; The Honghua was to be the membership of  professional service organization in Shanghai Equity Exchange in 2015.

Business scope: audit, verification business, consulting, assets evaluation, economic matters audit, agency tax declaration, consignee stamp duty (involving administrative licensing of, with the operating permit).

The Honghua has not been inspected by Shanghai certified public accountant association in last 3 years, and no industry discipline and other bad practitioners record since 1987.

The Honghua makes the following commitment: we will in accordance with the provisions of the "the people's Republic of China Accounting Law", "the people's Republic of China CPA Lawt", the Chinese Institute of certified public accountants professional standards, the Chinese CPA professional code of ethics, the "Provisional Regulations on the supervision and administration of state owned assets of enterprises", "China accounting standards " and other relevant laws, regulations and standards for all customers to provide services. Practice in the process, we always adhere to the independence principle and the principle of honesty and credit and the principle of confidentiality, maintain adequate professional competence and due attention and diligence, professional and efficient completion of the business.


Address: 17F, 19F, 20F, No.277, Siping Road, Shanghai

Tel: +86 21 65087799

Tel: +86 21 65087799
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